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Opus Community Music School is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching our community by providing the highest quality, affordable music lessons to students of every age, ability and background.

The Opus Community Music School is celebrating more than ten years of teaching excellence in Carroll County. We are proud to be locally owned, and especially proud to feature the highest quality of music instruction. Through community support, we are able to offer music instruction to students of every age, ability and background.

Founded in 2007 as the "Carroll County String Project" by retired violin and viola teacher Margaret Motter Ward, Opus was designed to address several perceived challenges:

1) The shortage of qualified teachers for private study of string instruments
2) The lack of a facility to train string teachers
3) The lack of specific string instruction in the public schools where most instrumental music teachers were players of band instruments
4) The inability of Carroll County string students to compare favorably with string students from other counties in Maryland.
Our students attend festivals nationwide and have won numerous scholarships and awards. Our new Eldersburg location is giving us even greater access to students where they are, and providing music lessons to residents of the south Carroll and Freedom area without needing to travel to Howard County, Peabody or Westminster.  


Your support makes our programming possible. Opus Community Music School is a 501.3c Non Profit Organization. Donations are tax deductible.

We are happy to accept donations electronically through our website! Donations on behalf of others make thoughtful gifts. 

For donations over $100, please contact us.

Busy Bees Fundraiser!

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It’s time for the very first annual Busy Bee Practice-A-Thon!



The practice-a-thon will raise funds to help Opus fulfil its mission: to enrich our community by providing the highest quality, affordable music lessons to students of every age, ability, and background. It will also help establish motivating practice habits in Opus students helping them reach their full musical potential!

Busy Bee Practice-A-Thon Participant Information

During the time frame: March 26- April 26 2019, students at Opus Community Music School will be participating in a practice-a-thon to raise money for our school and reward practice habits.

Students who SIGN UP to participate will have a bee with their name on it placed on our mural until April 27th, 2019(the day of our recital dress rehearsal). Students can earn the bee to take home by getting sponsors and practicing during the time period above. Bees will be available for students to pick up at the recital reception on May 4th, 2019. The student who earns the most and/or practices the most will be acknowledged during the awards ceremony of our recital.

To participate, students should ask people to sponsor them and pledge a penny, nickel, dime, or quarter for each minute practiced from March 26-April 26. Sponsors can also choose to give a flat donation if they prefer; for example, $25.00.  Students should explain the Practice-A-Thon to their sponsors (using the information on the sponsor sign-up sheet) when they seek support.

Students should practice as much as possible between March 26-April 26 and keep a record of their days and minutes on the provided Busy Bee Practice-A-Thon log. Talk to your teacher about what qualifies for practice each day. There are ways to practice even if you are traveling, sick, or temporarily without your instrument.

Students can earn one of three different levels of bees. All bees can only be earned by turning in the required forms and pledge money.

  •  A Small Bee can be earned by getting sponsors and practicing during the fundraiser time period.

  •  A Large Bee can be earned by practicing for the entire thirty day period.

  • A King or Queen Bee will be awarded to the student(s) who earn the most money and/or practice the most minutes. This award will be given out during the awards ceremony at the May 4th recital.

During dress rehearsal, on April 27th, 2019, students should turn in their signed Busy Bee Dress Rehearsal form (at the end of your packet.) Then, students should collect their pledge money to be turned in at the studio during lesson time the following week or at recital on May 4th, 2019.

After the Busy Bee Practice A-Thon is over, students should let their sponsors know how many minutes they have practiced and collect their pledge money.

All pledges are due no later than May 4th (recital)- however, they can be turned in at the locked payment box anytime including on that date.

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Our piano technician, Ray Strauss, stopped by our studio to deconstruct an 1889 Estey. Since the piano has become unplayable, it's parts will be lovingly repurposed in the months to come.